Activate Your Stem Cells

As we age, our stem cells decline in their ability to heal our bodies. Imagine if we could activate our stem cells and reset them to a younger, healthier state. This would be healing in a completely non-invasive, safe and cost-effective way.

We did it!
The LifeWave X39™ is clinically proven to provide the body with a level of health and vitality that you have not experienced since you were in your youth. Backed by multiple clinical studies and 20 years of development, the LifeWave X39™ patch has been demonstrated to provide an abundance of health benefits.

X39 Patches  (Stem Cell Patch)

A patch designed to elevate  to activate your stem cells to improve energy, sleep and general wellness. Stem cells help repair almost every area of the body.  Some of our most dramatic testimonial on the X39 have been in the area of wound healing. Wound healing is of course a natural process and requires the presence of stem cells. As we age, our stem cells become less effective though. Now, with X39, you can activate you stem cells and provide support for your body’s natural healing process.

Watch these videos to learn about the new stem cell patch technology
Introduction 18 mins

Krysta's Story   9 mins

LifeWave X39 Stem Cell Patch Explained  Nov 3, 2018

"Had to share this amazing testimonial on this new technology that you guys hear about. Yes, I have barely used the extras. X39 is a daily for me. Energy, clear mind and thinking. I am an instructor at Boeing. My degree is in elementary education and I have zero aerospace experience. Yet, with X39, I am able to learn an entire new “aerospace” language and terminology and computer system at the age of 51. This is after having a severe concussion about 6 years ago. I feel really amazing most days.”

- Lorrie Bracaloni

"In regards to the X39 I have noticed a significant change in my overall energy level, endurance, sleeping more soundly, mental clarity, skin tone, my hair volume and overall sense of well-being and really love the product! Thank you so much"

- Kelly Madruga


Testimonials of X39 patches

If you are interested in how the patches help with PAIN, watch this.

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Click Here to Download a 55 page ebook "The Story of the X39"

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X39 & Stem Cells - LifeWave Product Training  24th July 2018

Stem Cell Patch LifeWave X39 Training Webinar with David Schmidt Nov 13, 2018

LifeWave X39 Product Training - English Only - 9th April 2019

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Science Section

The LifeWave X39™ patch is designed to
elevate a copper peptide known to activate stem cells.

Click Here to Download a 55 page ebook "The Story of the X39"

Latest X39 Research webinar  43 mins 
Jan 8 2020  Special guest David Schmidt -- Inventor, CEO and Founder of LifeWave -- joins cohosts Jim Caldwell and Paula Shaw for a riveting interview on the latest clinical studies on X39, revealing stunning results for the first time ever!.

Regenerative and Protective Actions of the GHK-Cu Peptide in the Light of the New Gene Data

LifeWave X39 Product Training - English Only - 9th April 2019

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The Peptide involved  ~  Copper peptide GHK-Cu

Copper signaling

Australian TGA Registration